France vs Australia Match Highlights – 22 Nov 2022


Defending champions France maintained their dominance over a spirited Australia and handed them a crushing 4-1 defeat despite taking an early lead in Tuesday’s 2022 FIFA World Cup Group D clash.

France vs Australia Match Highlights

France next meet Denmark on Saturday, while Australia meet Tunisia.

90+4 mins: Australia continued here despite barely standing and Aaron Moo was on the books for a late tackle that dropped Theo Hernandez.

90 minutes: Excellent stop by Matthew Ryan, who reacts quickly to dive to his left and save Ibrahima Konate’s close-range header.

There are seven minutes of added time.

88th minute: Game won for France, who saw through for Jules Cundet and Marcus Thuram. Benjamin Pavard and Olivier Giroud are the departing players.

85 minutes: Australian double change for the last five minutes, Milos Degenek and Keanu Backus come on for Nathaniel Atkinson, who will be pleased to see Kylian Mbappe and Jackson Irvine from behind.

82:17 minute: A rare bad touch from Kylian Mbappe, who behaves badly after being set in by Antoine Griezmann’s clever cross. It could have been 4-1 but Mbappe is really mad at himself!

Kylian Mbappe behaves badly after being set in by Antoine Griezmann's clever cross
Kylian Mbappe behaves badly after being set in by Antoine Griezmann’s clever cross

minute 81: There is no retreat from France here, Kylian Mbappe again leads the attack from the left. He tried to open a shot but instead found Olivier Giroud at the far post and Australia got past.

76th minute: Didier Deschamps also took the opportunity to rest Aurelien Chouameny and Ousmane Dembele, Youssef Fofana and Kingsley Coman came on for about the last 15 minutes.

74th minute: Double change for Australia, now the losing team. Garang Kuol and Awer Mabil also featured, with Kuol becoming the Socceroos’ youngest ever World Cup player at 18 years and 68 days old.

4-1 Lead Here

Minute 71: Goal Olivier Giroud equaled Thierry Henry’s record 51 goals for France and it was a typical header at the far post. Kylian Mbappe was the architect, isolating Nathaniel Atkinson down the left and running through the full-backs before heading in a cross to leave Giroud with a simple header.

Olivier Giroud equaled Thierry Henry's record 51 goals for France
Olivier Giroud equaled Thierry Henry’s record 51 goals for France

France 3 and Australia 1 Goal on board here.

67th minute: Goal After Antoine Griezmann fired past the goal line and Kylian Mbappe fired one over the goal, Les Bleus’ pressure finally paid off. Ousmane Dembele caught Mbappe’s erratic swing and made room for a cross, landing the ball at the head of his attacking partner who nodded past the exposed Matt Ryan.

Kylian Mbappe scores his first goal in fifa 2022
Kylian Mbappe scores his first goal in fifa 2022

65th minute: France seems to be waiting here – they move the ball around and look for space. The Australians tried to stay tight and compact, forcing the French to stay on the flanks.

62 min: Crucial tackle from Kai Rawls, who perfectly challenges Kylian Mbappe as the French striker tries to shoot from inside the box. A swift move by the French seemed to unravel the defence.

60 min: France’s pace has dropped in the last few moments while Australia looks to be trying to stay in the game at the moment.

minute 56: This is Mitchell Duke’s last post of the night; He replaced Jason Cummings in the Australian first round.

54th minute: First yellow card of the night after Mitchell Duke turned the ball over after a good Australian possession and found Ousmane Dembele to win it back.

50 minutes: The second half continues the first, with France taking center stage. Theo Hernandez burst in from the left and pulled the ball back to Aurelien Chuameni, whose shot was on target.

France recycled the ball and Hernandez had another cross. This time he chose Olivier Giroud, who curled a shot at the far post but his acrobatic effort was just off target.

min 46: We come back as Australia start the second half. Can they equalize? They have a chance.

HALF: End of a spirited first half and the hosts took the lead – though Craig Goodwin had to give the Socceroos an early lead despite having to come from behind to do so. Two goals in six minutes from Adrien Rabiot and Olivier Giroud turned the tide for France, although they showed enough defensive sensibility that Australia still believed they could piss off here.

45+2 min: How close Australia is now! Riley McGree made it brilliantly down the left, lifting a cross back to the onrushing Jackson Irvine, who headed it back the way he came – and a statue of Hugo Lloris could only watch in relief as he clipped his right post.

45 minutes: Something to collect here as Kylian Mbappe scores when it looked easier to score! Antoine Griezmann burst in from the right and brought his team-mate in, but the PSG striker volleyed over goal!

Here we are in the first six minutes of stoppage time.

min 43: Australia really have to dig deep here to stay. Ousmane Dembele, Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann were all wildly successful again but this time the Atletico Madrid striker shot wide.

42 min: Olivier Giroud had not scored in 12 World Cup games before tonight but finally broke the duck here.

40 minutes: Kylian Mbappe does cut across Australia this time and bursts in again from the right. His low cross across the box was intercepted by Ousmane Dembele, though Benjamin Pawar could have been better placed behind him.

35 minutes: All of France now and you can feel the defending champions starting to have their fun after that initial scare. They brushed the ball away and Australia struggled for a shot as Olivier Giroud beat after a superb display from Ousmane Dembele.

32 min: France are now through the halls and 50 goals for their country for Olivier Giroud. Adrien Rabiot was the provider, meeting Kylian Mbappe’s superb shot and charging into the area before intervening without interest to give Giroud a tap-in. Hassle free with just the owner turning it over.

olivier giroud celebration
olivier giroud celebration

29th minute: Now only France and Australia cannot put in or take the ball out of their own penalty area. This time it was Antoine Griezmann for the handover, Olivier Giroud coming from the left to his wingtip, but still going past him even when the flag was raised.

26:02 minutes: Goal France is back at peace, they brought Australia back in the last few minutes and now they are back at peace. The Socceroos misjudged a corner and Theo Hernandez sent in a tantalizing cross from the left, which Adrien Rabiot answered with a header that set Matt Ryan dead. Everything’s fine again!

France vs Australia 26th minutes goal image
France vs Australia 26th minutes goal image

22 minutes: Careless Frenchman and it’s a free kick for Theo Hernandez, whose sloppy pass is tackled by Mitchell Duke. The striker dived just outside the area and the ball whistled just over Hugo Lloris’ crossbar.

20 minutes: France saw plenty of possession as they tried to get back into form but Australia worked hard in defense and quickly closed in on the space.

16 minutes: It’s all through Kylian Mbappe for France as they try to react to that initial shock but they look a bit disjointed at the moment and struggle to put things together.

12 minutes: More problems for France after this goal, Lucas Hernandez awkwardly drops down to meet a Matthew Leckie who is under construction. The Bayern Munich left-back is looking very sick and his brother Theo will replace him. Another injury for Didier Deschamps.

GOAL! 8:26 min: We have an early breakthrough – and Australia does! The play started with great feedback from Harry Soutar, who played Matthew Leckie on the right. A low cross led to Craig Goodwin hitting a quick shot at the far post and the winger fired high past Hugo Lloris.

France vs Australia First Goal image
France vs Australia 1st goal image

5 minutes: First chance for Kylian Mbappe now stretches his legs and jumps past Nathaniel Atkinson as if he wasn’t even there. The French striker was eventually pushed out as he charged into the area but it was an early warning for the Australians; they cannot afford to leave Mbappe alone.

Minute 3: And now the first look at goal for Australia, cross to Riley McGree about 25 yards from goal. The defense split comfortably for Middlesbrough’s man but he dragged his effort wide of goal.

2 minutes: It’s no big surprise that France have had the ball so far, with Kylian Mbappe already having the chance to test the Australian defense down the left. From the resulting corner, Ousmane Dembele’s shot was blocked.

STARTING: With pre-match formalities, Olivier Giroud – who is two goals away from breaking France’s all-time record goalscorer – started us off.

Aljonoub Stadium
Credit: ATV SPORTS : Aljonoub Stadium

Group D Points Table 22 nov 2022

FIFA worldcup group D Points Table 22 nov 2022
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