Uruguay vs. South Korea live Update from Fifa World Cup – Qatar 2022


Uruguay vs. South Korea live

FULLTIME: Uruguay 0-0 South Korea

And there you have it: Boardpoints for both sides. Not the worst result in the world, with Portugal and Ghana other countries in Group H.

This was their fourth goalless draw at this World Cup after just one of 64 matches in the last tournament. And I have them all covered. Ah…

90+4 min: Both sides continued into the final phase, but things were a bit hopeless and not quality.

90 + 1 min: And we have SEVEN minutes of extra time. It is better. He was worried that the referee would lose their watch in the first half.

90 minutes: Dan Son is closing in on the other end! A poor clearance from Sergio Roche was tackled by the Spurs star but he fired a left-footed shot just wide of the post.

89 min: Uruguay hit the post again! Federico Valverde fired in a thunderous long-range shot that bounced off Kim Seung-gyu’s right post. Bad luck from the Real Madrid man.

88th minute: Uruguay’s final dice roll, which sends Guillermo Varela to replace Facundo Pellistri.

83 min: South Korean drummers in the audience make some rhythms to cheer the country up. But do both sides have the will or creativity to find a late winner?

81 min: The first sign of Edinson Cavani’s physicality as he skirts two defenders before finding Darwin Nunez, whose curling shot crosses the far post.

78 min: Uruguay also brings in reinforcements, with Nicolas De La Cruz and Matias Viña replacing Matias Vesino and Matias Olivera.

77th minute: Cho Gue-sung, only a substitute, lobs a high ball wide of the penalty area and instinctively shoots a left-footed shot wide of the right post. Good experience.

74th minute: South Korea makes three substitutions with Cho Goe-sung, Son Joon-ho and Lee Kang-in replacing Hwang Wee-jo, Na Sang-ho and Yoon Jong-gyu.

71 min: Son steps up after a long ball, but Uruguay keeper Sergio Roche comes out quickly and heads just outside the area.

69 minutes: Now Uruguay has the ball. South Korea goes into its own territory, but remains disciplined.

65th minute: Edinson Cavani arrives, Suarez leaves. Low impact from an experienced starter. Could Cavani have done any better?

Minute 63: Diego Godin’s sensational long ball hits Darwin Nunes on the left. He skinned Kim Min-jae, but as soon as he reached the line he touched too much and Kim Young-gwon came back to tap in his final ball.

60 minutes: Uruguay prepares for Edinson Cavani’s action. You can imagine his partner, 35-year-old Luis Suarez, making his way.

min 56: While we wait for play to resume, take a look at the incredible performance from Rodrigo Bentancourt – if you’re in England:

55 minutes: Son receives treatment after tearing his heel in a challenge by Martin Caceres. The Uruguayan defender received a yellow card for his troubles.

51st minute: Son Hyun-min makes space in the Uruguay penalty area, but a brilliant block from Jose Maria Jimenez stops the South Korean’s shot. Son’s corner was taken, but Sergio Roche cleared it.

48 min: Luis Suarez chases a long ball high for Uruguay, but the veteran striker is cautioned for offside. At 35 years old, the astute striker will likely need the extra half a second to overtake defenders.

HALF-TIME: Uruguay 0-0 South Korea.

45th minute: Just one minute of added time! This is a record for this World Cup.

42 min: Uruguay hit the post! Jung Woo-young did well to head Facundo Pellistri’s dangerous cross just in front of Luis Suarez and veteran defender Diego Godin’s head under the left post from a corner. Uruguay is the closest thing to the goal.

Facundo Pellistri's dangerous cross
Facundo Pellistri’s dangerous cross

39 min: In-Beom Hwang tries from distance for South Korea, but can’t keep it out. optimistic from there.

34 minute: Great opportunity for South Korea! Great game Kim Moon-hwan, but when the ball went in from the right, Hwang Ui-jo sent it over the bar. He should have scored!

Massive chance for South Korea
Massive chance for South Korea

32 minute: chance for south korea but they missed it.

chance for south korea but missed it
chance for south korea but missed it

26 min: Uruguay have a chance as Matias Olivera penetrates deep into South Korea but shoots wide from Darwin Nunes’ cross with the outside edge of his left foot. Poor.

Uruguay vs. South Korea 26th minute chance for uruguay
Uruguay vs. South Korea 26th minute chance for uruguay

25 min: Great footwork from Son finds Martin Caceres but his curling effort is saved by Matias Olivera.

21st minute: Another great ball from Jimenez to Facundo Pellistri down the right and the first cross almost goes to Darwin Nunes, but the Liverpool striker can’t find his feet. However, Uruguay threatens.

20th Minute: Federico Valverde creates half the chances, brilliantly tapping in a long ball from Jose Maria Jimenez but his left-foot half-volley goes wide of the right post from the edge of the box.

Uruguay vs. South Korea live
Uruguay vs. South Korea live

16th minute: A fine long ball sends Kim Jin-soo down the left for South Korea, but the ball crosses the line before his cross is cleared by Uruguay keeper Sergio Roche.

13 minutes: The pace slows after a somewhat frenetic opening, with both sides trying to play patiently at the back.

8 min: Na Sang-ho is on the line to win a corner for South Korea, but Son, wearing a protective mask after recent facial surgery, misses a shot and runs away from everyone.

5 minutes: Liverpool’s Darwin Nunes was already looking like a threat to Uruguay and Na Sang-ho pulled him back with a jersey tug to stop the 23-year-old forward from escaping.

3 minutes: Screams and cheers from South Korean fans every time the ball finds its way to Son Hyun-min. They are honestly very happy that the Tottenham star has been allowed into action.

1st minute: Formalities over and depart for Education City Stadium.

Uruguay vs. Preview South Korea
Uruguay and South Korea compete in Group F at the FIFA World Cup today. Uruguay, champions of the first two seasons of the World Cup, have been having a great time at the World Cup recently. Uruguay, 2018 World Cup quarter-finalists. They lost in the semifinals to 2018 world champions France. Against them in World Cup Group H will be Portugal, the last World Cup winners. After 15 years and 200 games, the Oscar Varez era has come to an end in Uruguay. This time Diego Alonso will go on a diet. South Korea, on the other hand, is a relatively strong team. They won 12 matches in the World Cup despite their relatively weak opponents. FIFA’s 14th ranked team, Uruguay, will face 28th ranked team South Korea.

Uruguay vs South Korea highlights
Uruguay Suarez, Nunes, Cavani are the biggest names in world football. Win Nunez is a team star of Uruguay. No doubt, this superstar is in the spotlight. Napoli, on the other hand, just want to jump into the Kim-Min-Zai spotlight.

Uruguay vs South Korea head to head
Uruguay and South Korea have met 8 times so far.

Team News Uruguay vs. South Korea
Atama Setar Kazan from South Korea is back to his best after being injured in the Power Chestal. On the other hand, Ronaldo from Uruguay returned to the team from injury.

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