Best Things to Do in Qatar


01. Desert safari tours

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The modern city of Doha is surrounded by beautiful deserts that provide an exciting day out. The Mesaieed Desert in the south has high sand dunes that are fun to ride on a bike or 4×4 for dune racing. Continue south to the Khor Al Adaid Sea to experience an otherworldly landscape where the sea meets the desert. You can also arrange a camel ride for a taste of traditional trekking. When venturing into the desert, it is best to book a tour to be guided by guides who are familiar with the dunes.

02. Banana Island

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Located just 20 minutes from the center of Doha, Banana Island is a thousand miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. When you sit on a luxury boat to take you across the turquoise waters, kick off your shoes and discover a world of pleasure on a private beach. The private island is owned by the Anantara hotel chain, but day passes are available to non-guests for a fee.

From delicious Arabic food to attentive staff, world-class service is the theme of this tranquil island. Choose from above and below water activities, such as climbing in a paddle boat, flying on jet skis, or watching the children play on the water.
Location: Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, 23919, Doha, Qatar

03. World-class sporting events

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From football and cricket to horse racing, handball and even camel racing, Qatar offers a wide range of sporting activities throughout the year. The 2006 Asian Games was a milestone for the country, with the largest and most prestigious tournament held every year. Whether you’re watching a football match at the Khalifa International Stadium or cheering on the efforts of the athletes on the Doha Corniche underwater, Qatar has a number of world-class stadiums and beautiful surrounding areas. The beach offers great sports. Major competitions include the 2019 World Beach Games and the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

04. Al Zubarah Archaeological Site

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The Al Zubarah Archaeological Site is a must stop if you want to find a little bit of history in Qatar. Although the archaeological site was built in 1938, the coastal town of Al Shamal dates back to 1760. It reflects Qatar’s rich history throughout the pearl trade.

Located more than 100 km north of Doha, it can take you an hour’s drive to reach the UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the scenic drive will take you back to the old days. Conclude your history lesson with a tour of the abandoned Al Jumail village, which is close to the Al Zubarah archaeological site.

05. Al Dhakira Mangroves

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AL THAKIRA MANGROVE is one of the oldest and largest mangrove forests in Qatar. It is amazing to see a mangrove forest like this so far from the Al Khor industrial complex. Considering the harsh environment, there are not many tropical plants in Qatar, mangroves are one of the hardiest plants. The local mangrove species of the country is Avicennia Marina (white or gray mangrove), a species that can withstand the high salinity characteristics of the Persian Gulf. Mangroves are unique ecosystems both above and below water. Below the surface of the water, tree branches cover salt, algae and small fish. The lower part of the roots of mangroves have snorkels, called pencil roots, which allow them to absorb sea air. During high tide, fish swim through the branches and roots of the pencil. The ecosystem attracts migratory birds such as herons and flamingos. Many types of fish and shellfish are found throughout the year. 

Know before you go

Just 8 kilometers
 from Al Khor town, Al Thakira mangrove forest is accessible by car. It requires a 1.2 kilometer (four kilometer) journey through a sand pit and a salt chamber. The dirt road ends at the beach where the mangrove forest begins. No signs and no facilities nearby. Pencil roots extend up to 33 feet (10 meters) up the trunk and often form a jointed pattern. Stopping the roots of the pencil will damage them, possibly leading to the death of the mangrove tree. Therefore, walking in the mangrove forest is not recommended. It’s a safer option to walk along the beach, along the tide line that runs out of the mangrove forest. During high tide, another option is to kayak along the coast and in the water. This last option makes it possible to capture small islands of mangroves that are not far from the land.

06. Fuwairit Beach

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Fuwairit Beach, one of the best beaches in Qatar, is located almost 100km north of Doha. Since there is no direct access to this popular area, be prepared for a bit of an outdoor driving experience. Once you’ve hiked the park with your friends or family, head left to Coral Hill for some Instagram-worthy snaps. The water is shallow and the waves come gently to the shore, making Fuwairit Beach good even for novice swimmers. You can walk around the rocks on the beach, but there are plenty of places to relax and take a shower. Note that the river is closed during certain parts of the year  usually November – as it is a breeding ground for hawksbill turtles.

07. Al Wakrah Souq

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Get ready to weave your way through the narrow streets and glittering courtyards of Al Wakrah’s delightful souks. Apart from traditional Arabic architecture, bright mosques and shops selling food and souvenirs, you can sit in one of the traditional restaurants on offer. Pick up a traditional paratha and Baba Chapatea for a great meal on the go.

It’s easy to get lost in the magical atmosphere of Souk Al Wakrah, so if you want a peaceful retreat, head to the nearby waterfront to relax and reflect on your unique shopping experience. You can also watch the traditional teardrops floating on the beach here

08. Khor Al Adaid

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Adventure seekers can enjoy a day trip to the beauty of Khor Al Adaid (Khawr al Udayd). Sitting majestically in Qatar’s desert, there are plenty of activities to try, from traditional camel rides on the beach to unforgettable cruises in the Arabian Gulf. Also known as the “inland sea”, the beautiful landscape provides the perfect backdrop for the photos that deserve to be taken at home. And don’t leave until you’ve indulged in the experience of driving along the beach through golden sand dunes with beautiful ocean views to boot. Khor Al Adaid is a nature reserve recognized by UNESCO, so keep an eye out for local flora and fauna.

Unique features


Khor Al Adaid is one of the three places in the world where the sea meets the sand. It has a lake system unmatched anywhere else in the world. This large body of water is connected to the Persian Gulf by a deep and narrow channel about 10 kilometers long. Ports are shared between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the sea is shared by both countries. Other things that attract tourists in Qatar are the steep and rocky cliffs, the high mountains, the coastal sabkha (a plain between the sea and the desert that is often seen from bright surfaces with deposits such as carbonate of calcium, gypsum and salt, as eyes, which are covered with gypsum fiber and salt, have added to the overall beauty.

The obvious
 and undeniable features of the unique “inland sea” are due to the combination of geomorphological and geological formations that cannot be overcome anywhere else in the region.

Khor Al Adaid is recognized by UNESCO as a natural reserve with beautiful landscapes that surround it.

09. Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings

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Travel to northern Qatar for photos of fish petroglyphs, footprints and unique ship markings. Once a limestone quarry, the rock carvings of Al Jassasiya are as important a part of Qatar’s heritage as the city’s many mosques, museums and souks. Located 60 kilometers north of Doha and across the expanse of the Qatar desert, this memorable site remains untouched. And if you plan your trip with a local guide, it won’t take you long to find more than 900 sculptures that show Qatar’s traditional way of life.

10. Sealine Beach – The ultimate Kitesurfing destination in Qatar

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There are many local companies in Qatar that offer reasonable kitesurfing activities. But if we have to choose the best, Sealine Beach comes first. One of the most beautiful beaches in the country, Sealine Beach is the perfect place to enjoy activities like kitesurfing in Qatar. With prices ranging from QR 700 per person to QR 900 per person with a third party depending on the day, this is a beauty worth trying. The sights of the sea in Qatar are interesting. With its blue water and soft sand, the beach offers a breathtaking view of the sunset. Witness the unique experience of natural beauty and feel the adrenaline rush down your spine.

Location: Sealine Beach Rd, Mesaieed Qatar

 Open 24/7


Water sports – Jetskiing,
Dune Bashing/Desert Safari

11. Umm Bab Beach

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It is not the best beach for extreme water sports, but Umm Bab Beach in Al Shahaniya is definitely one of the tourist destinations in Qatar for beach fun. Taking a break from the heat of the hot desert, Umm Bab Beach is the perfect escape to go to the soft sand, admire the aquamarine, and do all the things you can do. Known as the best beach in Al Shahaniya, Umm Bab is a place to swim in the calm waves and spend a night camping on the beach. Facilities like playgrounds, toilets and beach sports are available to make your visit more enjoyable. Location: Al Shahaniya



Children’s playground
A fenced

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